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Fiverr’s RISING TALENT badges : How to get it? Badges RISING TALENT de Fiverr : comment l'obtenir ?


Fiverr’s RISING TALENT badges : How to get it? Badges RISING TALENT de Fiverr : comment l'obtenir ?






What is the criteria for Fiverr’s? Quels sont les critères de Fiverr ?


 Fiverr’s Editorial Team manually handpicks new Gigs with great potential, and grants them a temporary “Rising Talent” badge, which offers amazing marketplace exposure and credibility.  We recommend taking full advantage of this spotlight by providing buyers with the best possible service! Make sure you deliver high quality, original work, avoid late deliveries and cancellations, be responsive and always keep a professional manner.  

How do I get a Rising Talent badge?

Fiverr’s Editorial Team manually reviews new Gigs and handpicks them based on quality and potential. We have certain criteria according to which we decide the Gigs that will be handpicked.

Can I apply for a Rising Talent badge?

We do not accept applications for Rising Talent. However, if you’re a new seller and you’ve created a new Gig, make sure to use every feature at your disposal in order to generate the best Gig possible and receive a Rising Talent badge!

How do I know I’m a Rising Talent?

If your Gig has been handpicked, you will be notified via email and a message on the site.

Where can I see my Rising Talent badge?

The badge will only appear on your Gig card within the search or the category listing. Keep in mind that Rising Talent Gigs are displayed in rotation in the marketplace, and their appearance is dynamic.

What are the benefits of having a Rising Talent badge?
If your Gig has been chosen and you’re now a Rising Talent, you will enjoy a few benefits:

    Your Gig will receive more exposure in the marketplace
    Your Gig will have more credibility and a stamp of quality
    Your Gig may get an opportunity to be featured in Fiverr’s various projects

My Gig had a Rising Talent badge and now it no longer does - why?

The Rising Talent badge is temporary; once a Gig has received a certain extent of exposure, it will no longer have a Rising Talent badge.

I’m a Rising Talent and I couldn’t find my Gig when I searched the category - why?

Gigs with the Rising Talent badge are displayed in rotation in the marketplace, therefore the appearance of these Gigs is dynamic.

Can my Gig be handpicked twice?

To provide our buyers with a variety of choices within the marketplace, we rotate our handpicked Gigs. Therefore, your Gig may only be handpicked once.

I have more than one Gig, can all my Gigs be handpicked?

 In general, we tend to pick one Gig from each seller. However, if you have an additional Gig that is worthy to be handpicked, we will take it into consideration!

Are only sellers eligible to receive the Rising Talent badge?
Yes, only new sellers can receive a Rising Talent badge, as long as they have an active Gig that meets our criteria.


source : Fiverr Blogs

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