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Apple is getting ready

Apple  is getting ready to do the not possible move once again if there's one company which will build big dumb cash creating moves it is apple alternative brands will build foldable phones rollable phones underneath screen camera phones quicker charging than freaking flash but all them combined cannot take AN industry moving call that solely apple will do and they all follow therefore when killing the headphone jack in 2016 charger and headphones in 2020 apple could be killing 2 a lot of things according to a leaked apple survey in portuguese apple might take away a usb cable from the iphone's packaging on with a sim card ejector tool currently why would they remove the usb c to lightning cable out of the box well as we've detected earlier within the leaks the next iphone won't have a charging port the least bit apple's final arrange is to create a wireless iphone and for that they have to get rid of the charging port and also the resolution is already here that is named mac safe the entire purpose of iphone twelve series is to easily build the maxif popular enough once that is done apple is prepared to initiate its next money-making move that's obtaining eliminate the charging port and make folks get their magsafe charger apple can do absolutely something in their path to avoid exploitation usb c port on their iphones this move will make apple so much cash than you'll imagine i am a tech youtuber and even i do not have a mac safe charger and i'm pretty positive majority of apple users do not have it either so we have a tendency to all ought to get this and this can make them a lot extra money currently speaking of magsafe a big shout resolute sponsor of today's video mofft moft has simply discharged world's initial goop safe compatible stand and case for iphone twelve series it's time to use your iphone in new ways in which all you've got to try to to is simply snap this on the back of your phone and boom you're set to go in addition to a traditional portrait mode stand you'll conjointly use your phone in landscape mode and my favorite floating landscape mode this will permit you to observe media content on your iphone in a extremely pleasurable manner it's solely 5 millimeter skinny creating it around 10 metric linear unit diluent than apple's official case despite that slim premium profile it permits you to store up to three cards wireless charging is supported and it acts as a double magnet therefore you'll attach your iphone to your surroundings it comes in four totally different flavors to match your iphone vogue and for under twenty nine.99 this issue could be a true game changer i extremely advocate looking for their tablet stand and their portable computer stand which positively has improved my workflow therefore consider the link within the description and begin exploitation your iphone 12 in ways in which you ne'er imaginary currently back to the video if you've got AN open mind assume of this sort of a one-time investment once you've got a maxif charger you definitely will not ought to die once more and with the elimination of charging port apple might maybe extremely improve the water resistance perhaps throw a bigger battery and better of all they can cut back the worth the worst half about this can be that alternative brands can eventually copy apple it's already happening samsung won't be shipping a quick charger with the galaxy s21 in some markets and the second whole rumor to follow this move is huawei now curiously this same survey conjointly talks concerning bringing back a previous feature that is a in show bit id basically apple asks users whether or not they prefer bit id or face id we've detected this already within the league therefore this would possibly really happen and especially with face id not that effective in current pandemic scenario and in show bit id can be terribly effective conjointly within the news iphone thirteen professional models might finally supply 120 in. show as a result of samsung is giving them a number of that sweet ltpo reconciling refresh rate juice according to south korean media apple is looking to implement 120 hertz reconciling refresh rate on the pro iphone thirteen models thanks to samsung's facilitate as a result of samsung will be the key manufacturer of that oled show and supply ltpo this can provide apple the full management over the refresh rate to optimize things efficiently apple is wanting to ship between one hundred sixty to 180 million 5g iphone models next year and one in every of the key enhancements are the improvement in show technology and presumably that's one hundred twenty hertz ltpo coming to the professional models in line with mixture code the iphone thirteen models can once again be four iphones from iphone thirteen mini all the far to iphone thirteen professional goop 5g speaking of mini the present iphone 12 mini is troubled once it involves sales in line with current survey apple iphone twelve mini only has four to 5 % of sales at major America carriers this might be as a result of apple already offers a really good mini flagship level phone the iphone sc 2020 at simply 349 it positively is one in every of the most effective commercialism phones of 2020 and i assume it's positively accountable for bottlenecking the sales of the iphone twelve mini however that is not gonna stop apple next year as a result of iphone thirteen mini is returning it is not going to have the one hundred twenty years show of course but it'll supply core major upgrades of the iphone thirteen lineup one of those can be a giant resolution main camera and conjointly a extremely improved immoderate wedding lens so that is all the newest news next year apple might build even larger moves than you can imagine this year we have a tendency to had the iphone and usb cable out of the box however next year it might simply be the iphone let American state recognize your thoughts within the comment section below subscribe the journal.

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