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Poco M3 129 USD Price Only

 Poco M3   New 2020 smartphone is just 129 dollarsFor some people maybe also it kind of Does look like an among us character But this new poco m3 is popping up on a Lot of radars right now it's a really Interesting phone from a really Interesting company so this Poco company just went independent uh From the brand xiaomi it was originally The Xiaomi Pocophone Now poco's independent by themselves but I wouldn't put as much Stock in this new independence as they Probably want us to I feel like they're about as independent As the mustang Is from ford you know there's no Forward logos on any mustangs but we all Know that they're getting some of the Expertise And manufacturing and financial support From that Bigger company still so poco by Themselves is not a small company But they definitely want to look like And act like one but that being said This poco m3 is insane value As a full-fledged smartphone i've talked About this in the past how budget phones Are getting better around 400 bucks 300 bucks even 200 bucks but to get Something like this And not even crack 150 bucks shipped Landed arrived at your door in certain Regions anyway Is incredibly impressive the design if You start there is actually Quite nice i would say we already know Every premium phone tries to go shiny Glass or at least look like glass but This is more of a Faux leather made of plastic and I always say if you're gonna go plastic embrace the plastic don't pull a samsung For example And look me dead in the eyes and call it Glastic but no plastic can be good Lean into it this i already know will

Never show fingerprints the same way Glass does It's less likely to shatter you can do Whatever you want with color It's nice plastic is fine on cheap Phones then there is of course that cutout at the top with The bold poco branding on it that kind Of looks like it glows sometimes even Though it's not They're really leaning into this it Looks kind of like that cyberpunk

Oneplus phone window now And there's a triple camera system up Here 48 megapixel main sensor 2 megapixel macro and 2 megapixel Depth sensor so i feel like you already Know where i'm going with this one the best budget Smartphone cameras are single camera Systems Pixel 4a iphone se maybe two cameras at best if they toss an ultrawide in there But this doesn't have an ultra wide yet Adds two more 2 megapixel sensors for macro and depth Not what i would have done i will say The poco's main camera is acceptable In pretty much average and normal Shooting conditions It does of course struggle in low light Or in difficult shooting conditions but We just came off the heels of the blind Smartphone camera test where we realized

That it's really a matter of taste in a Lot of these cases and what i can say is This phone despite its poor dynamic Range can spit out some pretty decent Looking photo The macro camera maybe you could argue Is useful because it has A much shorter minimum focus distance Than the main camera But you can't convince me this 2 Megapixel depth sensor Is useful sorry i still would have much Preferred over both of these To scene and ultrawide then around the Front there's a very averag1080p 6.53 inch display with a teardrop

Notch at the highest Perfectly acceptable bezels you recognize a Little bit of chin And certain there is not nice viewing Angles or most brightness But once more it's entirely fine for this Price purpose we're talking concerning here And then the simplest half simply the simplest Part the simplest description of all This phone incorporates a six 000 Milliamp hour battery six 000 milliamp Hours And it is not even that thick or huge The only different phone i've tested with a Battery that is truly this huge Is the rog phone three and appearance at the scale Of that phone therefore this is often a big Battery pack in here That should last anybody all day and Then some honestly i would not be Surprised if some folks saw Two days of use at 60hz here on the Regular and there's eighteen watt quick Charging This phone incorporates a phone jack here Too you like to envision it it conjointly has A large front-facing headphone speaker And it's a fingerprint reader In the power button another nice band For a budget phone right away in my Opinion And it comes with a transparent case and a Screen shielder just in case you wish to Protect That precious plastic and that they even Built in reverse Wired charging therefore there is no wireless Charging however you'll be able to Top up and use this phone's immense battery As battery bank therefore you'll be able to charge Other things like your headphones Or even another phone if you are into That the one issue i would tell you to be Aware of although This phone isn't quick So if you are coming back from the next speed Higher performance phone or if you simply Have a requirement for prime speed or Performance You're not reaching to realize it here this Phone's rocking a flower 662 And four gigs of ram and thereupon description I found myself Waiting for everything anticipating the Camera to open Waiting to snap the image anticipating All the apps extremely to open Waiting for apps to shut anticipating Multitasking Waiting for animations to end it's Just a slow phone and it's not possible Not to notice that Now i do know you cannot be too fastidious About performance for fewer than two hundred Bucks but I reasonably worry on a phone like this Just about however it'll age over time.

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