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Samsang Smartphone New UI Update

Samsang New UI UPDATE

 Hey guys I am from techdude365 and in today's post we have a brand new software update for samsung galaxy smartphones Now what pI have right over here is a samsung galaxy note 10 plus this is an unlocked version and it is now getting the december security patch so let me go to the settings real quick i'm going to go all the way down go into my software update and if i tap right over here download and install you'll see that we have the security patch with additional stability improvements some enhanced features and of course further improvements to performance so what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna do the install we're gonna come right back i'm going to show you something new you have never seen before which is going to give you more insight into these security updates and how important they are but you can see this is 205.96 megabytes and for december and also i do want to share a quick wallpaper with you guys so here's a wallpaper i've been using for a while this one right here that's a video wallpaper it is absolutely stunning of course it's free so what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna drop a link down below you click the link it's going to take you to my website you're going to be dropped into this webpage scroll down just a little bit and go to wallpaper number two you click the link it'll take you to the store and you simply download and apply it's a gorgeous wallpaper you're going to love it now let's go back over here to the updates and start the installation process i'll be right back all right so the update is now complete we have it right here your phone has been updated so let's uh go in there and look at this real quick i'm going to go to my settings now i'll let you know that i do feel some overall stability for the note 10 plus every time we get these updates i feel that the phones are now performing a little bit better but now let me show you that special thing i was talking about so if i go into my about phone and then if i go into my software information what i can do is i can scroll all the way down and you'll see that this is the android security patch level for december the first what you don't know is you can actually click this guy it'll take you to a website it's gonna take you to the android website where you actually get detailed information about the security patch now this is not going to be for the average consumer but a thick enthusiast might appreciate this so if i scroll down a little bit i can click on samsung to get special details but again if i go down a little bit right here you'll notice that we have the december 2020 update right here even shows you the actual publishing date so some phones probably started getting these as early as december the 7th and if you look at the november update for last month that was published in november the 2nd and if you scroll down a little bit more you can click on samsung okay and that's going to give you samsung specific customized security patch details and information uh right over here okay so there's a hidden little website you never knew existed and gives you a little bit more insight as to what's happening uh behind the scenes for example there was an issue with the secure folder that was reported on august the third that has been addressed in this latest patch okay so that's the kind of information you get right over here like i said go to your settings and simply tap on the security patch level but beyond that i haven't seen any new features but like i said the overall stability of the phone has been in fact improved and that's it for this video if you have any questions comments or concerns drop them down below and let me know for now guys have a fantastic day and do not forget to go and grab that gorgeous wallpaper that i showed you guys look at that beautiful links below alright so if you found this video useful make sure to subscribe to saki tech by clicking that button and also click that bell icon on the side to make sure you get notified every time i upload a replacement video and if you do use twitter instagram or facebook you can follow me at saki tech online to get the latest updates as well alright have a fantastic day.

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