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Harmony OS is here


What's up each individuals right here so yea as you recognize huawei unconcealed the harmony package two.0 beta for developers few days back and currently we tend to ar thereon stage wherever we tend to are seeing videos running harmony package also we tend to got this video wherever huawei p40 is running harmony package and looking at to the operation of this phone during this demo video it looks adore it isn't abundant completely different from robot primarily based emui version which you're presently running on your huawei phone like technically appears like constant in terms of operation and interface and honestly because of that i used to be bit disappointed because i used to be expecting a lot of from harmony os like if you think that a couple of current operating system the first factor which will come back to your mind is that the new interface which this video do not show however currently there is a hope so obvious stuff recently claims that these demo videos solely shows the distributed capabilities of the system according to the things the official version undoubtedly includes a new interface design on mobile phones and moreover president of huawei's consumer business package aforesaid that in the past few years close to the huawei software team has basically replaced the foremost core components of android system he aforesaid we've got modified everything which will be modified in reality he aforesaid that the harmony operational system was born not to replace robot it's here to compete and surpass robot and it hopes to be a new generation package for smartphone era so these ar pretty daring claim from huawei thus i actually hope it'll have a great new options and an excellent interface further thus definitely we will see a current package plus a brand new interface within the harmony operating system [Music] well if we tend to remark cameras initial brand that involves our mind are huawei and google like {they ar|they're} popular from their camera capabilities and another time huawei skint the camera record while the huawei mate four professional and has been rewarded 139 points highest by dxo mark in smartphone camera testing it gets the best image score of a hundred and forty four as well as ninety eight points in zoom and a hundred and fifteen points in video classes taking second places within the later 2 thus now it's on the amount one still the mate forty pro ar on the second so huawei is virtually beating everybody on the camera department thus it's extremely an excellent factor to see a smartphone complete on the primary position in the camera department see ya what do you think regarding it let American state understand your thoughts thereon within the comments down below.

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