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Reasons Why Facebook Accounts Are Hacked & Best Way to keep safe

Reasons Why Facebook Accounts Are Hacked & Best Way to keep safe

Reasons Why Facebook Accounts Are Hacked & Best Way to keep safe

Hacking Facebook ID is one of the major problems in our country. The ID is hacked mainly due to the negligence of the users. This post will try to discuss in detail so that you can hack proof your ID.
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The common weaknesses in IDs are-

Use mobile number instead of email address while logging in.

 Do not keep 2 factor authentication.

 Use weak and predictable passwords (such as mobile number, nickname, child's name, date of birth, parent's name, etc.)

Do not keep the recovery option on.

 Separation from your Facebook ID name, date of birth, original name and date of birth.

Keep the date of birth open.

❌ The password of Facebook and the mail with which Facebook has been opened remain the same. So when a hacker hacks your Facebook, your email will be hacked as well.
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Secure your Facebook-

Use email address instead of mobile number. Because if a hacker changes your password or email, Facebook will immediately alert you by sending an email to your email. There is a link to the recovery. You can easily recover the ID by clicking on it.

 Add your mobile number by going to Security and login> use two-factor authentication from Facebook settings. Then try to login to your ID from another mobile or computer, see if you want the code after giving the password. If you want, your 2-factor authentication is turned on. Now even if someone knows your email + password, they will not be able to hack your mobile if they do not get it.

Many people have passwords with only numbers which are very weak. Create a password with Capital letter, small letter, number & symbol. It is better not to have a password below that character.

 If you go to settings, there are 1 option Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if you get locked out. Here you can add 3 to 5 people close to you with whom you can communicate directly / on the phone at any time. If your ID is hacked then you have to tell them to go to the link on Facebook .com / recover. They will get a code to recover your ID and you can use that code to recover your ID.

✅ Currently, Facebook wants a picture of the victim's ID card to recover the ID. But it turns out that the name and date of birth on the ID card do not match the name and date of birth on Facebook. As a result it is not possible to recover. So be sure to use the name and date of birth in your ID.

If your date of birth is open then you are under 1 type of attack. There are 1 group of hackers who take control of your ID by making a fake identity card by matching your Facebook name and date of birth. So the date of birth should never be open.
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 All activities on Facebook that should be avoided-

Never share your personal information, photos with anyone on Facebook, especially Messenger. It can be seen that many people share their personal photos with their relatives. Later, as soon as the Facebook of either of the two people was hacked, the hacker started collecting all those pictures and blackmailing them.

⚠ Many people create secret albums on Facebook and store various pictures, certificates, ID cards in it. This is a diamond mine for hackers. Hacking your ID means all your personal information went to him. It should never be done.

 If you are redirected to Facebook by clicking on a link and are asked to enter your Facebook ID and password, then you are probably being phished. Don't forget your ID and password. Take a good look at the URL of the site you visited first. Did you go to Facebook or Faecbook? If necessary, go to Facebook by logging in to another tab separately.

⚠ Suddenly your girlfriend can send a message to your inbox that I went to Omuk 1 Facebook group and saw that some of your anti-social pictures have been uploaded. Below is the link. If you click, you may be asked to view 1 edited photo and all other photos and videos by logging in below it. This is also a kind of phishing. In fact, when you login, your Facebook ID and password will be stolen.

 Never share the code that will come on the mobile with anyone.

⚠ Status of "I woke up", "I'm going to class", "I don't feel well" should not be given. Suppose you are going to visit a house in Ide village with your whole family. He got on the train and gave 1 status, reached home and gave 1 status. And one of the people on your friend list realized that your house was empty, and took this opportunity to take away all the bangles from your house. A simple post of yours can be the cause of your loss.

Thoughts should be given before making any post or comment online.

Finally, your Facebook ID is your asset. Its security and to you, the responsibility of the post given from it and yours.

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