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Best Home Automation Ecosystem in Calgary


Best Home Automation Ecosystem in Calgary

If you would like to transform your house into a smart home you might be interested in a new video created by the Home Automation Guy YouTube channel providing plenty of advice to help you build the perfect smart home. With so many different gadgets, devices and platforms currently available on the market it can sometimes be confusing for those new to home automation to know where to start.

In just over 10 minutes you will be able to learn from the mistakes and advice the Home Automation Guy has to go offer allowing you to design and build your very own fully automated smart home using a wide variety of different controllers to help you turn on your lights, play your favorite music, control your heating, security cameras and more.

With plenty of off-the-shelf platforms available such as Apple’s Siri, Google Home, Amazon Alexa and more to choose from, adding a little home automation to your rooms has never been easier. You can even use the Raspberry Pi or Arduino platforms to build your very own custom automation systems using code and sensors if preferred. Enabling you to keep a handle on your privacy.

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